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Welcome and Thanks for dropping by.

Eight octillion atoms, give or take a few million. I’ve had many titles, been called a few names (no doubt), and have had many jobs, roles and functions across a variety of industries.
Today, I’m a dad to my two sons (my dynamic duo), a loving husband, an experientialist, a futurist, and an entrepreneur.
I have always had an interest in human behaviour – how our behaviour empowers us as individuals and as a society to achieve some fantastic things.
 I love exploring how we do things, how we interact with each other, and what makes each of us tick to our own rhythm.
 I am just like you! We share the same time, planet and breath the same air. Our journeys all started the same way and, one day, will end. What will define each of us as to who we are is what we do in between, how we choose to live our lives, how we treat the people around us, and the contribution we make to the good of the many, big or small.
As with all experiences, some are good, and some are not so good, but each one, in its own way, is a learning opportunity.
Each day is a blessing and opportunity to learn, to grow, and to make a change for the better or help others. Each day, we learn so much; what if we could harness even a small part of that incremental knowledge to empower us and make us One Day Smarter?
Join me on my adventure as I explore an unwritten future in my next chapter. Explore with me as I promote my philosophy of being ‘One Day Smarter’ and empowering ourselves to Ask More, Achieve Lots (A.M.A.L). Let’s together explore what the future will hold for us as individuals, as communities, as nations, and as a species on the big blue world we call home. Thank you for taking the time to share your time with me.

Amal Tunga




"Ask More Achieve Lots"

Explore the importance of Asking More questions to help Achieve Lots more than before.

A.M.A.L is coming to you. Look out for our podcast show airing very soon.